When you're alone with me, you may find yourself thinking, "It doesn't get any better than this." But, OH does it! ....

My Beautiful Play Mates

Book us together  for an extra special treat

or book them solo!  

A professional dream girl and a coquettish switch. She is as soft  as she is devious and taboo. Explore your curiosities with Chicago’s provocative playmate.


TER ID: 304112


Think of her as your modern day flower child with an edge, your urban Gypsy. Unapologetic and authentic, from witty and boisterous to shy, yet playful. What will you bring out in her?


TER ID: 307780

Tonja Wallace:

A stunning embodiment of passion and energy, Tonja is always ready to play! Her amazing smile, body that never quits and vivacious personality will keep you enthralled for hours...and hours....


TER ID: 178948



More than a dream girl, shes your sweat-soaked wet-sheets wet dreams awakened in the flesh, the weapons-grade answer to your prayers that God refused to hear. You can leave your crucifix on but if you think you need to come to the Lord, you may just need to come to her.


TER ID: 322795

 Kennedy Caillouette

Dare to take the plunge?? A walk on the wild side....Just imagine what fun we can have with this amazing beauty! 


TER ID: 327018

Jolene (Based in  Chicago)

Don't be fooled by that sweet girl-next-door smile and all american girl look. This beauty has  an insatiable naughty side and you will love her incredible  ASSets.  Her  sensual yet kinky blend of play will keep you  coming back for more and more! 


TER ID: 315883


This exotic beauty  is the epitome  of  charisma and  pure sensuality with a  kinky  twist.  Let's unleash her wild side together!  


TER ID: 318748


This all natural stunning brunette has luscious curves in all of the right places! Sweet, Sultry and altogether  Fun! 


TER ID: 318006

 Amnesia Anhedonia

*Formerly known as Cassandra Minx

Elegant, powerful, and punk rock sultry.  Claim your desire...Lets indulge! !! 


TER ID: 322432

Christian Vincent

~Your deepest secrets come to life....



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